Estimating Paint Jobs

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Estimating paint jobs accurately and profitably is one of the biggest challenges faced by painting contractors. You must determine the labor and material requirements for the job, and your accuracy in doing so will determine your profitability. Considering the number of substrates, variables, conditions, and other factors involved, this can seem like an impossible task.

In terms of essentials, there are only 2 different methods for estimating repaint projects: the “eye-ball” method and a measurement based method.

The “eye-ball” method involves looking at the project and assigning some number to it. That number may be the amount of hours or days to complete the project, or it may simply be a price. Regardless, it is simply a guess. That guess may be based on years of experience, and it may be reasonably accurate a large percentage of the time. However, it’s very nature makes it very limited in its usefulness.

Fortunately, there is a way to estimate paint jobs accurately, consistently, and most importantly, profitably. Out of the will soon offer a video course on estimating paint.

This course covers the entire estimating process. You will learn the basic concepts of a measurement based estimating system, including how to establish and use production rates to produce accurate and profitable estimates.

The videos in this course include both classroom and onsite presentations. You will first learn the basic concepts of a measurement based system, and then we will visit actual job sites to apply these ideas. Many modules also includes downloadable materials, such as forms and sample production rates.

In total, this course contains dozens of videos showing you how to estimate more accurately and profitably. The course modules include:

  • The Basics of a Measurement Based System
  • Getting Your Production Rates
  • Estimating Unknowns
  • Pricing the Job
  • And more…

For the past 12 years I have been teaching contractors how to develop and implement systems within their business. I’ve taught courses for the Certified Contractors NetWork, the National Alliance of Professional Painters, and major paint manufacturers. I’ve written articles for American Painting Contractor and other trade publications. Now, for the first time, I have produced a video course to show you how to bid paint jobs accurately and consistently. This information packed course is only $77. Order now and you can be on your way to improved estimating within minutes. After payment you will receive an email from BEP Enterprises with download instructions for immediate access.

See a sample of the course by clicking here.

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